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About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a haven for 7 to 18-year-olds who cannot remain in their family of origin for individual circumstances. We pride ourselves on providing an atmosphere that protects, supports, and provides recovery for these young people.

Our name reflects our commitment to 'go on the journey’ with a young person to provide stability, positive life experiences, quality care, and opportunities to build resilience and recover from early life trauma.

Steve Jacques

Odyssey Social Care

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to nurture, support and help our young people reach their full potential through providing them with a better quality of life and hope for a brighter future.

Our Values

Our seven values, listed below, have one common goal, to help us in the resolution of trauma of our young people. We are committed to:

  • Non-Violence: Living safely physically, emotionally, socially, and morally.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Managing our feelings so that we don’t hurt ourselves or others.
  • Social Learning: Respecting and sharing the ideas of our peers and teams.
  • Democracy: Shared decision-making among children, young people, and staff.
  • Open Communication: Saying what we mean, but not being mean when we say it.
  • Social Responsibility: Together we accomplish more; everyone contributes to the organisational culture.
  • Growth and Change: Creating hope for our community of young people & staff.

Our People and Care Framework

Our compassionate and professional team members welcome young people to a safe and secure home, providing them with a service that has their best outcome at its heart.

These young people are unable to live with their families of origin, as they couldn’t provide them with the safety, stability, or support that they need. Typically, during childhood, they have been exposed to many traumatic experiences (including neglect, abuse, and/or violence). They have functioned in survival mode and have experienced huge loss, including several placement breakdowns. As a result, they may at times show significant behavioural, emotional, relational, and learning difficulties.

In Odyssey Social Care we pride ourselves on being a trauma responsive organisation and adopt an approach which supports and avoids re-traumatising the young people. We have developed a care framework which recognises the harmful impact of cumulative traumatic experiences and have embedded practices to support relational healing, healthy behaviours, and crisis management.

This approach also recognises the impact that providing this support can have on staff. Odyssey Social Care is fully aware that without our team members, our mission will not prosper. For this reason, we place the best suited qualified individuals in our homes for the benefit of the young people residing there.

A Multi-Dimensional, Theory Based and Trauma Informed Approach

Sanctuary Model

Theory-based, trauma informed, cultural approach

Positive Behaviour Support

Assessment process to support the child

Therapeutic Crisis Intervention

Crisis prevention and management system

The Saoirse Project

Activity based intervention programme

Diversity and Inclusion

Odyssey Social Care is an Equal opportunities Employer and pledges itself to promoting the continued development of academic, employment and other policies, procedures and practices which do not discriminate unfairly.

We are committed to equality of opportunity for existing and potential employees. We have created a workplace which provides equal opportunities for all existing and potential staff and where their dignity is protected and respected at all times. With this in mind, all persons regardless of gender, marital status, family status, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, disability, age or membership of the travelling community will be provided with equality of access to employment and also encouraged and assisted to achieve their full potential. We will continue to foster a genuine culture of equality. We will work to eliminate unfair discrimination, redress imbalances, and foster an ethos of equality and will continue to develop guidelines and codes of practice underlining its commitment to the principle of equality. We are committed to the continuous design, development, implementation, and review of progressive policies and practices, including the introduction of positive measures to perfect equal opportunities.

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