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Exciting News!

We have some unusual and exciting news to share!

Saoirse Adventure programme - Odyssey Social CareOne of our young people taking part in the Saoirse Adventure Programme has made a discovery of stone implements with tool markings dating back to at least the Bronze Age. The discovery was made at Ballyconnigar Strand in Wexford during a cliff-hopping expedition.The smaller of the two items discovered was most likely used as a chisel or hammer. The larger item measures in at just under a foot in length and was probably used as an axe or adze. There are very clear tool working markings along the shaft of the larger item and it is intact which makes it very informative for archaeological studies.

The National Museum of Ireland has deemed these finds to be “interesting and in need of further study.”

We are delighted to say the young adventurer who made the discovery has been invited to the National Museum to personally deliver his finds and take a tour behind the scenes to examine some examples of Neolithic polished axes. #howcoolisthat!

The Saoirse Adventure Programme aims to provide young people with a holistic outlet when they are experiencing trauma and gives them the opportunity to participate in both outdoor and indoor activities, such as bushcraft, camp craft, yoga, and hiking.